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Cleveland Council on World Affairs

Posted on October 17, 2016

The Cleveland Council on World Affairs offers quality and  engaging internship opportunities.  
·         Interns are provided with a meaningful project and assignments that help  to develop their skills and that can be used in a work portfolio or for credit (based upon college/university policy)
·         CCWA provides monitoring and supervision as the interns work to achieve their goals.
·         Interns have opportunities for involvement in CCWA events such as  attend lectures, and programs.
·         CCWA provides International Leadership Seminars, where interns will have the opportunity to have a discussion with staff, organizational leaders, or selected members of the Board of Trustees who will share their professional experiences and the wide range of international careers available.
·         Interns experience day-to-day operations in a small nonprofit organization with an international focus.
·         Interns receive a small stipend
General description, deadlines and information on how to apply can be found in the following link: CCWA Internship Opportunities or in the attachment.
We are now accepting applications for Fall 2017 internships.
Please note that the Department of Political Science alerts our students to a range of opportunities, including internships, fellowships, and jobs.  We do not endorse or sponsor these, and leave it to the judgment of our students what is most useful and appropriate to them.
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