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Professor Beckwith Conducted Interviews at the Scottish Parliament for Current Projects

Professor Karen Beckwith concluded interviewing at the Scottish Parliament. She interviewed women who sit in the Parliament who are members of parties that support a “yes” vote on the Scottish independence referendum: Scottish National Party and Green Party MSPs. She also interviewed party leaders, as well as the Scottish Parliament Presiding Officer. Part of two separate projects, the interviews focused on MSPs’ vision of conditions for Scottish women in an independent Scotland, and on party leaders’ […Read more]

Professor White Goes to Berlin for Presentation at OECD Meeting

Professor White went to Berlin for a meeting from June 11-13 of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development Senior Budget Officials. He was invited to give a presentation on “The Challenge of Budgeting for Health Care Programs,” based on work he has done for an OECD project on the topic.
Berlin, as one could learn from Professor Ledford’s Maymester
course, is a fascinating city. As European capitals go it is a new city, becoming a major capital only in the 18th century and a major city only in the 19th. […Read more]

Professor Beckwith Attends “Women’s Voices, Scotland’s Future” Conference

On June 25, Professor Karen Beckwith attended the Women’s Voices, Scotland’s Future Conference, sponsored by the European Social Research Council, at the Merchants Hall in Edinburgh.  Speakers included Members of the Scottish Parliament from Labour and the Scottish National Party, as well as academics from the Universities of Edinburgh and Stirling.  Residents of Scotland will vote on September 18 on the question:  “Should Scotland be an independent country?”  Polling data are available here:   […Read more]