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The 2014 Wellman Hill Political Science Internship Grants Competition

Wellman Hill Political Science Internship Grants are made possible by a generous gift from Elizabeth Hill (B.A., M.A. 1997) to honor her grandfather, Wellman Hill. They are intended to enable Political Science majors to accept public service summer internships that financial limitations might otherwise force them to decline. The selection committee is prepared to give four or more students up to $4000 each.  The committee made a few modifications to last year’s competition rules.  So please read the following paragraphs carefully.

Eligibility: The grants competition is open to undergraduate students who are Political Science majors at the time of application, have completed two semesters of coursework at CWRU and will not graduate earlier than the December after the internship period. Applicants must have a minimum 3.0 GPA in Political Science at CWRU.

Application Process: Candidates must submit a short application (see Application Form) consisting of a list of public service internships to which they have applied or intend to apply, a personal statement,  a resume and a letter of reference from a CWRU faculty member. (See Guidelines for Reference Writers.)  The application deadline is February 28, 2014. The selection committee will notify grant recipients and alternative candidates no later than April 25, 2014. After notification, grantees will have until May 23, 2014 to receive one of their listed internships or, if necessary, another subsequently approved. The selection committee will determine final grant amounts only after recipients receive an internship. Grant recipients are required to submit short reports on their internship experiences no later than October 1, 2014.  (For last year’s reports, see the selection committee’s reports from previous years.)

Appropriate Internships: Internships must comply with a few basic requirements and rules. First and foremost, internships must be public service oriented. Second, they must be related to politics or policy. Third, they must take place during the summer. Fourth, the selection committee expects most internships to run between seven and ten weeks and will not consider giving grants for internships that last fewer than six weeks. Finally, Wellman Hill grants may not be used to support Washington Center or political campaign internships.  Public service internships can be found in all levels of government, public-interest and non-profit advocacy organizations and public and private schools, to give some of the obvious examples. Not all public service internships are appropriate for Wellman Hill grants. Internships without a policy or politics focus, for example, would not qualify. The selection committee will not give grants for paid internships with large, established think tanks or corporations. If you have questions about the appropriateness of a particular internship, please contact Prof. Elliot Posner. For help with finding internships, we suggest making use of the wide range of resources available at the Career Center.

Selection Criteria: The selection committee will make grant decisions largely on the basis of two criteria: the extent to which the internships on the applicant’s list meet the program’s public service goals; and the extent to which an applicant’s interests, goals and qualifications match his/her proposal to serve the public through a summer internship.

Additional Notes to Students: We expect the IRS to treat the award amount as taxable, and CWRU will provide a Form 1099 for the amount of the award. Students can use the award either for expenses necessitated by the internship, such as travel to and accommodations in the location of the internship, or for income. How they report the grants and in what ways they may try to deduct expenses is a matter for the students, their parents or guardians, and any financial advisers. We urge that they be careful to comply with the law, and neither the department nor the university will presume to give advice about any individual situation.

2014 Wellman Hill Grant Recipients

  • Caroline Bass, The Ethics Group of the American Medical Association (Chicago)

  • Andrew Breland, The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) (Philadelphia)

  • Destinee Henton, Policy Bridge (Cleveland)

  • Krithika Rajkumar, Human Rights Law Network in Chennai (India)

2013-14 Wellman Hill Internship Committee:

  • Professor Jessica Green

  • Professor Kenneth Grundy, Emeritus

  • Professor Yuri Linetsky (School of Law)

  • Professor Andrew Lucker (Associate Director of the Center for Policy
    Studies and Adjunct Assistant Professor)

  • Professor Elliot Posner, Committee Chair

Application Form (To open, left click. To download, right click and hit “save target as.”)

Guidelines for Reference Writers