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Fall 2012 Late Course Roster Additions in Political Science

Posted on April 19, 2012

POSC 109
The American Political System
Mark Major
T.Th 2:45-4:00

(Limit 40.) Introduction to the study of American politics, addressing the questions “Who rules?” and “Who benefits?” in the American political system. Explores the nature of constitutional limits, the role of public participation, the impact of pressure groups, and the influence of various governmental institutions on American political life.

POSC 272, Section 101
Introduction to International Relations
Paul E. Schroeder
M.W.F. 2:00-2:50

(Limit 30.) This course is a survey of international relations. The first half examines the problem of war with specific historical reference to World War I, World War II, and the Cold War. The second half examines economic problems among wealthy states, and between rich and poor states. It concludes with an appraisal of new issues in the field, such as the environment and terrorist networks. As a survey course, it aims to introduce major bodies of theory concerning cooperation and conflict in the international system. In a setting characterized by political heterogeneity and economic inequality, how can the actions of states be understood and compared?

Evaluation will be based on a mid-term and final exam, as well as regularly scheduled quizzes. Quizzes are based on reading assignments and class lectures/discussions. Accordingly, the quiz includes attendance. Therefore, while formal attendance will not be taken, excessive absences will adversely affect a student’s final grade.

POSC 321/421
News Media and Politics
Mark Major
T.Th 11:30-12:45

Analysis of the political role of the news media in American government and politics. Examines the fascinating relationship between reporters and politicians. Covers the overall structure and legal position of the media as well as the media’s impact on the American political system.

POSC 370D/470D
The Politics of China
Paul E. Schroeder
M.W.F. 10:30-11:20

(Limit 35.) Now more than ever, the Chinese state and society are facing tremendous economic, social, and political challenges. This course presents an overview of current issues facing the People’s Republic, including a changing (or not) political culture, policy processes and outcomes at the national and local levels, reform and economic growth, the resultant societal changes and pressures, and the consequent challenges the Communist Party faces as demand for political reform grows. The class involves a mixture of lectures and discussion and draws on a combination of primary and secondary sources, including current news reports.

POSC 376/476
United States Foreign Policy
Kathryn C. Lavelle
T.Th. 10:00-11:15

Focus on U.S. foreign policy making with a dynamic network of executive and congressional actors and organizations; analysis of traditional and contemporary U.S. foreign policies from nuclear defense to current economic resource issues; future role of the United States in world affairs.

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