Our core program is the undergraduate B.A. in Political Science.  We also offer an undergraduate minor in Political Science, as well as M.A. and Ph.D. degrees.  The M.A. program also includes a Joint J.D./M.A. with the Case Western Reserve University School of Law.

Political Science is also a core component of affiliated degree programs such as the International Studies Major and the Public Policy Minor.

Our philosophy is to emphasize student course choice within a context of careful academic advising.  In that spirit our undergraduate curriculum is relatively open.  Our courses are mostly seminars, and we have no large lecture classes.  Our students can take advantage of attentive advising, small classes with internationally recognized faculty, and the opportunities of a large research university within a major American city.  These include both the potential learning from events at our professional schools, and the range of internship and volunteer possibilities at nearby institutions.

The Political Science curriculum also is designed to mesh with the College of Arts and Sciences general education program, including SAGES.  Many of our courses fulfill the Global and Cultural Diversity category; we normally offer at least two SAGES Departmental Seminars each term; and our Senior Projects are also SAGES capstones.

Undergraduate Programs

For questions about our undergraduate programs, please contact Joseph White, the Director of Undergraduate Studies for the Department of Political Science.

Graduate Programs

For questions about our graduate programs, please visit our Graduate Program FAQs page or contact Pete Moore, the Director of Graduate Studies for the Department of Political Science.