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The study of political science is primarily concerned with political power, governance, and the state, broadly understood.  Our Department offers courses that explore political behavior, institutions of government, international relations and international finance, policy-making, and protest and revolution.  Our political science faculty employ a range of research methods and approaches, including elite interviewing, survey research, field and archival research, and comparative case study analysis.

Faculty specialties in the Department of Political Science include US political institutions; elections and political parties both in the United States and abroad; legislative politics and public policy; international relations with an emphasis on international political economy; the development and decline of nation-states; the politics of gender; constitutional law; public policy and public organizations; research methods; and comparative politics with regional concentrations including Africa, Central Asia and the Middle East, and Europe. The Department offers degree programs leading to the B.A.M.A., and Ph.D..

The study of political science can strengthen a student’s understanding of the meaning of their citizenship, regardless of country, and can enhance a student’s appreciation of democracy, both at the level of the individual citizen and of the state.  The political science major and its related coursework can also build a foundation for many types of future employment. Many political science majors are preparing for graduate study or law school. Others intend to pursue careers in journalism, nonprofit groups, public policy, government, or business.

We invite prospective students to review this webpage and to read the archived department Newsletters here. We encourage you to explore the Department’s webpages to learn about our plans, our degree programs, our courses, our world-class faculty, and our recent accomplishments.



Professor Laura Tartakoff was interviewed on January 7, 2022 via Zoom by Dr. Garret Edwards for his CNN Radio Rasario program. Dr. Edwards is research director at Fundación Libertad, a private NGO. He asked Prof. Tartakoff to address democracy and populism in Latin America, the 2021 elections in Nicaragua...

“Regime, Climate, and Region in Transition: Russian Participation in the Arctic Council.”

Congratulations to Professor Kathryn Lavelle, who has published the article "Regime, Climate, and Region in Transition: Russian Participation in the Arctic Council." Please click here to read the article.

Alumni News – Krysta Aulak

Krysta Aulak (CWRU BA 2021) wrote the following op ed, which was published at https://www.cleveland.com/opinion/2021/10/ohio-senate-bill-123-is-cruel-and-unusual-punishment-krysta-aulak.html.  Ms. Aulak was a POSC minor, and is currently a candidate for an MS degree in the Health and the Public Interest Program at Georgetown University.

Fall 2021 Capstone Presentations

Congratulations to the seniors who presented their capstones last night!

China engages the Arctic: a great power in a regime complex

Professor Kathryn Lavelle has published "China engages the Arctic: a great power in a regime complex" with authors M. Taylor Fravel and Liselotte Odgaard. Please click here to read the article.

“Democratic Regimes and Epidemic Deaths.”

Professor Kelly McMann and Daniel Tisch recently published “Democratic Regimes and Epidemic Deaths.”

Abstract: To what extent do particular regime types provide tangible benefits?  During this era of declining faith in democracy globally and assertive alternatives to democracy, identifying democracy’s tangible benefits is particularly important.  This paper reveals a benefit of democracy, relative to other regime types, in one issue area—epidemics. The paper demonstrates that democracy, compared to other regime types, lowers epidemic deaths in countries by approximately 70 percent, ceteris paribus…

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