Course syllabi are posted with permission from the course instructor. For syllabi not posted, please contact the instructor.

Political Science Course Syllabi

POSC 109 The U.S. Political System

POSC 160 Introduction to Comparative Politics

POSC 172 Introduction to International Relations

POSC 322/422 Political Movements and Political Participation

POSC 323/423 Judicial Politics

POSC 327/427 Civil Liberties in America

POSC 349/449 Political Science Research Methods

POSC 351/451 Modern Political Thought

POSC 367/467 Western European Political Systems

POSC 370H/470H China’s Foreign Policy

POSC 370M/470M Theories of Political Economy

POSC 374/474 (ETHS 374) Politics of Development in the Global South

POSC 383/483 Health Policy and Politics in the United States

POSC 385/485 U.S. Bureaucratic Politics

POSC 388/488 (ETHS 388) Politics, Policy, and the Global Environment

POSC 389/489 Race, Immigration, and American Political Development

POSC 391/491 Pathologies of Democracy: Argentina, Paraguay, Ecuador, and the USA

POSC 109        POSC 353

POSC 160        POSC 367

POSC 301        POSC 370C

POSC 310        POSC 380A

POSC 341        POSC 383