Bass, Caroline. Fall 2014. Lethal Injection and the Eighth Amendment. Advisor: Professor Tartakoff.

Beckman, Justin. Spring 2015. Women and Politics in Iran: Examining Participation and Representation in Post-Revolutionary Iran. Advisor: Professor Moore.

Bice, Spenser. Spring 2015. Public Policy and Improving University Circle. Advisor: Professor White.

Esterman, Samuel. Spring 2015. Influences on National Agenda. Advisor: Professor Buchler.

He, Bowen. Fall 2014. Anti-Corruption Campaigns in China after Reform. Advisor: Professor Schroeder.

McAvoy, Conor. Spring 2015. The Everlasting Nuclear Debate. Advisor: Professor Moore.

Mullins, Tia. Spring 2015. Stigma around Socialism. Advisor: Professor Posner.

Parikh, Shivani. Spring 2015. Where Were the Women of Color in the Second Wave of the Women’s Movement? Advisor: Professor Beckwith.

Pearson, Michael. Spring 2015. A Human Right to Health Care. Advisor: Professor White.

Prosser, Matt. Spring 2015. The Impact of the Lebanese Civil War on Modern Lebanon and Whether It Is Really Over. Advisor: Professor Moore.

Rajkumar, Krithika. Fall 2014. The “Real World” of the Criminal Justice System. Advisor: Professor White.

Rice, Ethan. Fall 2014.Sources of Political Information for 18-25 Year Old Potential Voters: The Case of CWRU Undergraduates. Advisor: Professor White. 

Rice, Ethan. Spring 2015. New Media and the News. Advisor: Professor Posner.

Sleiman, Rachel. Spring 2015. Heybollah’s Role in the Middle East. Advisor: Professor Moore.

Stewart, Kassie. Fall 2014. Getting Back to Grassroots? Advisor: Professor Schroeder.

Wolers, Michael. Fall 2014. Germany and Austerity: The Influence of German Preferences on European Responses to the Financial Crisis. Advisor: Professor White.

Younger, Adam. Spring 2015. Who (and What) does Agriculture Gag (Ag-Gag) Legislation Protect? A Systematic Review of the Promotion of Violence and Silencing of Whistleblowers Within our Factory Farms and Slaughterhouses. Advisor: Professor Linetsky.

Zimmerman, Robert. Fall 2014. Possible Solutions to the Western Sahara Conflict. Advisor: Professor Moore.