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Digby, Joseph. Fall 2015. The Resurgence of Private Warfare. Supervisor: Professor Moore.

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Hoffert, Phil. Fall 2015. Developments in the Jurisprudence of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Supervisor: Professor Entin.

Kang, Chang Won. Fall 2015. ISIS: Is It a State or a Terrorist Organization? Supervisor: Professor Lavelle.

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Keisel, Spencer. Spring 2016. Atheism, Agnosticism, and Economic Policy in Developed Democracies. Supervisor: Professor Posner.

Keri, Matthew. Spring 2016. Christian Democratic Parties in Chile. Supervisor: Professor Tartakoff.

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Osegbu, Uchenna. Fall 2015. Informal Politics and Hybrid Regimes: A Comparative Analysis of Russia and Nigeria. Supervisor: Professor McMann.

Pak, Amos. Spring 2016. The Implementation of China’s New Air Pollution Policy. Supervisor: Professor Schroeder.

Peaks, Savaughn. Spring 2016. Chinese Environmentalism: Evaluation of the Rise of Environmental Protests in China. Supervisor: Professor Posner.

Poe, Nicholas. Fall 2015. The Constitution as Cure-All: How Substantive Due Process Has Affected Constitutional Law and Practical Politics. Supervisor: Professor Tartakoff.

Prosser, Joshua. Spring 2016. Television Markets, Congressional Districts, and the Incumbency Advantage in a New World of Technology. Supervisor: Professor Buchler.

Rahman, Farah. Spring 2016. Health Delivery Challenges to Syrian Refugees in Jordan and Lebanon. Supervisor: Professor Moore.

Ramirez, Megan. Spring 2016. The Hukou’s Affect on Chinese Business. Supervisor: Professor Schroeder.

Rassuchine, Hayley. Spring 2016. The Influence of Economic Interests on the Formation of Ethnic Separatist Movements. Supervisor: Professor McMann.

Sarda, Pranav. Spring 2016. Syrian Civil War. Supervisor: Professor Moore.

Sheilds, Jacob. Spring 2016. Economic Transformations, Policy Responses and Prospects for the Future. Supervisor: Professor White.

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Xia, Fangqian. Spring 2016. The U.S. – China Trade Relationship. Supervisor: Professor Schroeder.