Joe White old faculty web site text from July 2013

Professor White came to Case in 2000 and became Department Chair in 2003. He previously was Associate Professor of Health Systems Management in the School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine at Tulane University, and before that was first Research Associate and then Senior Fellow in the Governmental Studies Program of the Brookings Institution. He received his A.B. in Political Science from the University of Chicago and his M.A. and Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of California, Berkeley.

Dr. White’s most recent book is False Alarm: Why the Greatest Threat to Social Security and Medicare is the Campaign to “Save” Them (The Johns Hopkins University Press, paperback with new postscript, 2003). He also wrote Competing Solutions: American Health Care Proposals and International Experience (Brookings Institution, 1995) and coauthored, with Aaron Wildavsky, The Deficit and the Public Interest: The Search for Responsible Budgeting in the 1980s (University of California Press and The Russell Sage Foundation, paperback with postscript 1991). Among his works on budgeting are three articles in Public Administration Review, the most recent in March/April 2009, and numerous other articles and book chapters.

Most of Professor White’s work while at CWRU, however, has focused on health care finance, costs, and reform. He is currently working on a book about health care cost control. Among his articles about health care since coming to CWRU are “The Obama Administration’s Options for Health Care Cost Control: Hope vs. Reality,” with Theodore R. Marmor and Jonathan Oberlander, in Annals of Internal Medicine 150, No. 7 (7 April 2009); “American Health Care in International Perspective,” in James A. Morone, Theodor J. Litman, and Leonard S. Robins ed., Health Politics and Policy 4th ed. (Florence, KY: Cengage Delmar Learning, 2008); “Markets and Medical Care: The United States, 1993-2005,” in The Milbank Quarterly 85:3 (September, 2007); “Protecting Medicare: The Best Defense is a Good Offense,” in Journal of Health Policy, Politics, and Law 32:2 (April, 2007); and “Three Meanings of Capacity: Why the Federal Government is Most Likely to Lead on Health Insurance Access Issues,” in Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law 28:2-3 (April – June 2003). During the health care reform debate of 2009, he has also posted assorted blog and web publication analyses of issues, including in Roll Call, the Health Affairs blog, the Health Care Cost Monitor blog, and Some of this material is available on the Center for Policy Studies website.

He has taught courses in The American Political System; Health Care Politics and Policy; Bureaucratic Politics in the U.S.; Interest Groups in the Policy Process; The Public Policy Process; Legislative Politics; Comparative Public Policy; and Politics, Policy and Tobacco. As Director of the Center for Policy Studies Professor White convenes the Friday Public Affairs lunch discussions ( and has also organized CPS events on topics ranging from Iraq and Vietnam to the teaching of “intelligent design” theory in Ohio public schools. For more information about that programming, including podcasts and transcripts of some programs, see For more information on Professor White’s research, please download his c.v. (PDF file).