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Alumni News – Krysta Aulak

Krysta Aulak (CWRU BA 2021) wrote the following op ed, which was published at  Ms. Aulak was a POSC minor, and is currently a candidate for an MS degree in the Health and the Public Interest Program at Georgetown University.

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“Democratic Regimes and Epidemic Deaths.”

Professor Kelly McMann and Daniel Tisch recently published “Democratic Regimes and Epidemic Deaths.”

Abstract: To what extent do particular regime types provide tangible benefits?  During this era of declining faith in democracy globally and assertive alternatives to democracy, identifying democracy’s tangible benefits is particularly important.  This paper reveals a benefit of democracy, relative to other regime types, in one issue area—epidemics. The paper demonstrates that democracy, compared to other regime types, lowers epidemic deaths in countries by approximately 70 percent, ceteris paribus…

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