Students are expected through the course of the semester to attend various extra-curricular activities on campus (or off campus for that matter) that pertain to international relations. I cannot stress enough that these events must deal with international relations or they will not satisfy this assignment’s demands. The Professor will from time to time draw the class’s attention to such talks.

Each student is required to write one 3 to 4 page “reaction paper” on one such event. Papers dealing with other issues in public affairs will be returned ungraded. The Professor will announce and indicate in class which such presentations are acceptable for the basis for a reaction paper. If the student wishes to attend a different lecture on which to base the paper, please consult first with the Professor.

In the paper, which is to be written in English with no spelling errors, the student is to describe the talk, indicate the key points made by the speaker or speakers, and evaluate the quality of the presentation. If it is a discussion or includes questions or input from the audience describe that as well. It is as if you were asked to write a report and critique of the presentation — for the Plain Dealer or the Washington Post or some other major daily paper.

I want to see your ability to listen carefully (obviously you should take notes), to learn from oral presentations, to express your views clearly, and to report carefully on your experiences.

This reaction paper is due to be turned in by class, April 4, 2005. No late papers will be accepted, period, punto, full stop. Nor will excuses be entertained. Do it — early if necessary. You should be warned that nearer the end of the semester fewer programs of this nature are scheduled.