Akella, Vishnu. Spring 2019. Laugh at our pain: Analyzing the new age of political comedy shows. Supervisor: Professor Parris

Anderson, Sydney. Spring 2019. AQAP and Al Shabaab: A Study of the al Qaeda Affiliates in Yemen and Somalia. Supervisor: Professor Moore

Costedio, Kirsten. Spring 2019. #MeToo: An analysis of the viral political movement against sexual violence. Supervisor: Professor Beckwith

Darbha, Sneha. Spring 2019. The Relationship Between the Media Framing and the Politics of the Opioid Crisis. Supervisor: Professor Parris

Etokebe, Koko. Fall 2018. Headscarves in France: The Clash Between Secularism and Religious Freedom. Supervisor: Professor Tartakoff

Exler, Marin. Spring 2019. External Borders, Internal Barriers: Finding Space as a Central American migrant in the U.S. and Mexico. Supervisor: Professor Parris

Glofelty, Parker. Fall 2018. Homelessness in Cuyahoga and Hamilton Counties: Problems, Policies, and Politics. Supervisor: Professor White

Hoden, Heather. Fall 2018. Politics of Medical Device Regulation. Supervisor: Professor White.

Hu, Yujie. Spring 2019. The Polar Silk Road. Supervisor: Professor Lavelle

Kucuk, Dilara. Spring 2019. The International Legal Personality of a Human Being: A Kantian Interpretation of the Responsibility to Protect. Supervisor: Professor Moore

McGrath, David. Spring 2019. Effects of District Competitiveness on Polarization and Bipartisanship in Congress. Supervisor: Professor Beckwith.

Menon, Ari. Spring 2019. Keynesian vs Hayekian Political Economic Policy. Supervisor: Professor Lavelle

Moss, Abigail. Fall 2018. What Shapes Public Attitudes About Gun Control? Supervisor: Professor White.

Newson, Keely. Spring 2019. The Politics of Sentencing Reform: Why Did Issue One Fail? Supervisor: Professor White

O’Shea, Timothy. Spring 2019. Israel’s Military & Security-Industrial Complex: Why the Occupation Endures. Supervisor: Professor Moore

Radcliff, Victoria. Spring 2019. Democracy and Drama: Political themes in Aeschylus’ The Oresteia, Euripides’ Electra, and Sophocles’ Electra. Supervisor: Professor Moore

Sandstrom, Jacob. Fall 2018. The American Administrative State: Threat or Necessity? Supervisor: Professor Tartakoff

Sickler, Mariah. Fall 2018. The Effectiveness of the War Powers Act. Supervisor: Professor Lavelle

Smetona, Ann Marie. Spring 2019. Talk is Cheap: The Failings of Romania’s Roma Policy. Supervisor: Professor Tartakoff

Smith, Amanda. Spring 2019. Neorealism and International Organizations: Earmarked Funding in the UN System. Supervisor: Professor Lavelle

Spangler, Amanda. Spring 2019. Racial Profiling under a Color-Blind Constitution. Supervisor: Professor Tartakoff

Thomas, Sarah. Spring 2019. Climate Change and Population Displacement: Exploring the Leading Policy Options. Supervisor: Professor Hodgetts

Thomsen, Anna. Spring 2019. From Constraint to Mission: USACE and Environmental Protection. Supervisor: Professor White

Vent, Jacob. Spring 2019. Iran’s Intervention and Interaction in the Arab World Post-9/11. Supervisor: Professor Moore