Bendon, Henry. Fall 2019. Who was right about NAFTA: Examining the Realities of the North American Free Trade Agreement. Supervisor: Professor Posner

Kowalski, Kayla. Fall 2019. Decisions by Start-Up Companies About Offering Health Insurance to Their Employees. Supervisor: Professor White

Leberer, Nicolas. Fall 2019. The Political Economy of the Crisis in Venezuela–The Resource Curse Strikes Again? Supervisor: Professor Posner

Lee, Yoon. Fall 2019. Yemen Refugee Crisis in South Korea & Korean Refugee Policy. Supervisor: Professor Lavelle

Mirza, Sahaam. Fall 2019. The Sleeping Dragon and the Middle East: Uighur, Oil, and Culture. Supervisor: Professor Schroeder

Nixon, David. Fall 2019. The Road Back: A Comparative Analysis of U.S. Industrial Policy. Supervisor: Professor Moore

Prater-Lee, Gillian. Fall 2019. Measuring the Impact of Redistricting on Communities of Interest in Ohio. Supervisor: Professor Buchler

Quinn, Alexander. Fall 2019. A Multilevel Analysis of Views of Immigration and Support for the European Union. Supervisor: Professor Buchler

Zhong, Lance. Fall 2019. Brexit: the disadvantaged majority. Supervisor: Professor Lavelle