Vincent E. McHale

Marcus A. Hanna Emeritus Professor of Political Science


Research Interests

Comparative politics, Europe, political sociology, methodology, violence and the political system, intelligence and national security.

Dr. McHale received his Ph.D. from the Pennsylvania State University in 1969 where he was also awarded a certificate in Russian area studies. Although his early research had focused on French and Italian electoral politics, his research and publications have expanded to include politics, political systems, and socio-political change across Europe, with his most recent article being “Democratic Transition and the Evolution of Mass Politics in Post-Communist Central and Eastern Europe,”Historical Social Research (XX:2, 1995). He also has published on crime and violence in 19th-century Europe. His books include Vote, Clivages Socio-politiques, et Developpement Regional en Belgique (1974), Evaluating Transnational Programs in Government and Business (co-edited, 1980), and a two-volume edited work, Political Parties of Europe (1983).

Dr. McHale has been supported by grants from both the Canadian and United States governments. Early in his career he was principal investigator for a National Science Foundation grant (NSF-IG-72) focusing on developmental change, social dissent, and political opposition in Europe. He was project director for a two-year United States Department of Health, Education, and Welfare grant entitled “Transnational Issues: A Proposal for Curricular Development” (G00-760-3403). This latter grant provided the foundation for the undergraduate international studies program at Case Western Reserve University.

Dr. McHale has been a recurring lecturer at the Sherman Kent School for Intelligence Analysis, in Washington, D.C.; and he continues to serve as a consultant on European elections and political issues for the United States government.