Course Syllabi Spring 2019

POSC 109 The U.S. Political System

POSC 160 Introduction to Comparative Politics

POSC 172 Introduction to International Relations

POSC 322/422 Political Movements and Political Participation

POSC 323/423 Judicial Politics

POSC 327/427 Civil Liberties in America

POSC 349/449 Political Science Research Methods

POSC 351/451 Modern Political Thought

POSC 367/467 Western European Political Systems

POSC 370H/470H China’s Foreign Policy

POSC 370M/470M Theories of Political Economy

POSC 374/474 (ETHS 374) Politics of Development in the Global South

POSC 383/483 Health Policy and Politics in the United States

POSC 385/485 U.S. Bureaucratic Politics

POSC 388/488 (ETHS 388) Politics, Policy, and the Global Environment

POSC 389/489 Race, Immigration, and American Political Development

POSC 391/491 Pathologies of Democracy: Argentina, Paraguay, Ecuador, and the USA