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The Scottish Parliament

Posted on March 31, 2014

The earliest record of a mention of the Scottish Parliament was in 1235. It was an assembly of nobles and churchmen held on the outskirts of Edinburgh. The purpose was to advise the king on policy and justice issues.

IMG_1853 (1)
Throughout the years, the¬†Scottish Parliament grew in independence and strength, preventing the King of England from controlling its voice on multiple occasions, but it wasn’t until 1632 that a permanent meeting site was built just off the Royal Mile.

While the Scottish Parliament continued to create, pass, and execute legislation for the next few centuries, it did not hold elections for the Parliament seats until May of 1999. The current Scottish Parliament building was built in 2004 and opened in October of that year. In 2011, the fourth Scottish Parliament election led to the Scottish National Party forming the majority.


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