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The Ability to Read Beyond the Headlines

International studies is a multi-disciplinary program leading to the B.A. degree. Study in the program provides students with the ability to read beyond the headlines, to see world events in terms of how they got to be that way, how they fit into broader issues and systems, and how one might imagine their place in shaping the future.  To attain this goal, students are introduced to the methods of conceptualizing international and global issues, as well as to study of a society other than their own. They will learn to think critically about contending and complementary methods and theories, developing an appreciation for both traditional disciplinary approaches and newer cross-disciplinary approaches. Students also will acquire skills that will allow them to recognize and deal with complexity; communicative and analytical skills in a language other than English (or other than their native language); and skills in statistics, in computer-based global analysis, or in negotiation. It is strongly recommended that all international studies students participate in at least one of several off-campus programs which will facilitate the international perspective: junior year abroad, summer internships in Washington, D.C., or professional practicum-type work experiences in Cleveland which involve an international context. It also is recommended that students have a solid foundation in economics.

In addition to forming the groundwork for an evolving understanding of and lifelong engagement with the modern world, a background in international studies provides excellent, practical preparation for careers that deal with the emerging needs of our world. International studies majors go on to careers in international marketing and management, diplomatic service, health, law, social services, and journalism, as well as careers within the academic disciplines. The professional schools of business, medicine, nursing, law, and applied social sciences at Case Western Reserve all have significant international foci, and our students can explore careers in these areas during their undergraduate years. The skills, analytic abilities, and critical approaches of international studies should equip students as well for new employment patterns which may not fit into existing career descriptions.