POSC Major, Steven Reynolds, Receives Phi Beta Kappa Society Writing Internship

Steven Reynolds, a junior double majoring in political science and sociology, won the 2015 Phi Beta Kappa Society Writing Internship.

Reynolds’ internship began in August and will end in December. During the five-month period, he will write at least six articles for the society’s publication for news and alumni relations, The Key Reporter.

Reynolds, who also has a minor in public policy, also interned for a New York judge over the summer.

In order to qualify for the internship, students need not be members of Phi Beta Kappa, but they must be recommended by the university’s Phi Beta Kappa chapter to be considered for the program. 

For more information about the Phi Beta Kappa Writing Internship Program, visit keyreporter.org or write to keyreporter@pbk.org.

The Daily, September 4, 2015, http://thedaily.case.edu/news/junior-selected-for-phi-beta-kappa-society-writing-internship/

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