May 15, 2017 Newsletter

Looking Ahead, Concluding the Academic Year.  As students finish their coursework and faculty complete their grading, we can look to future opportunities.  For students, the American Political Science Association has organized two online brochures: Exploring Careers in Political Science and Why Study Political Science?   I’m confident that our POSC majors and minors already understand the reasons for studying political science, but those considering the POSC major or those who would like independent confirmation of their commitment to political science may find Why Study Political Science helpful.  For those students who may wonder how a BA in political science can help them in their future endeavors and employment, Exploring Careers in Political Science provides an overview of where a POSC BA might lead.  I encourage those students who are thinking about future employment to review these APSA brochures and to talk to their advisor and professors about likely opportunities and the paths that will lead them to their future careers – and to read this Newsletter weekly to learn of immediate opportunities. 

Congratulations #1!  To all our students and POSC majors who have completed the academic year, congratulations!  Have a great summer, and be sure to let us know any of your news in terms of travel, internships and volunteering, and political insights.  You can follow the Department on Facebook and Twitter; we will be posting additional courses and information about faculty hiring.

Congratulations #2!  Congratulations to our graduating seniors!  After all your coursework, your senior capstone research and presentations, meetings with advisors and our faculty, you have completed your undergraduate degree with a powerful major in political science that positions you to do well – and to do good – in the wider world.  At commencement, you will be welcomed into the community of educated persons, and the faculty and staff of the Department of Political Science wish you the very best.  Congratulations!  We look forward to seeing you – and to celebrating you – at commencement.

Congratulations #3!  Congratulations to the Flora Stone Mather Prize winners, senior POSC majors Mark Patteson and Steven Reynolds.  The Flora Stone Mather Prize is the only prize awarded specifically to Political Science majors, and is awarded to the graduating senior(s) in political science whose record(s) displayed outstanding academic performance.  The Department is pleased to award this prize to Mark and Steven. 

Karen Beckwith, Flora Stone Mather Professor
Chair, Department of Political Science, Case Western Reserve University


General Announcements


  • As you register for fall semester courses, take a look at the Political Science courses offered by our department.
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The First 100 Days of President Trump
May 12, 12:00p.m., The City Club
How does President Trump’s first 100 days compare with previous Presidents? What can we distill from his actions in these first 100 days? And can – and should – we judge any President by what is or isn’t accomplished during this time? Join historians, political scientists, and members of the national media in discussing President Trump’s first 100 days in office. Tickets are $35.

Britain, Brexit, and the U.S.
May 16, 5:30-7:15p.m., The Union Club
Ambassador Charles Ries, Vice President, International at the RAND Corporation, will join CCWA to discuss the future and stability of the European Union and the status of the vital transatlantic relationship between the United Kingdom and the U.S. Student tickets are $5. Registration is recommended.

Fracking and the Impact of the Utica on Ohio
May 16, 7:00-8:30p.m., Solon Community Center
A panel will discuss the impact of fracking on Ohio’s economy and environment. What are some of the industry and employment opportunities that might arise out of this new technology in some of the poorest sections of our state? Can it be done without significantly polluting our water and air?

Employment Opportunities


Impact – Community Organizer
This job entails organizing campaigns, canvassing, and educating communities on various political and environmental issues.

Campaign Manager for Cleveland City Council Candidate Daniel Graves
Check out this opportunity to manage a campaign with a young, progressive candidate and through the campaign build a neighborhood movement that will be sustainable after the

PhD/Research Associate with the Comparative Study of Electoral Systems (CSES) Project in Germany
In close interaction with an international team at multiple sites, the successful candidate will spend 25% of their time pursuing a PhD using the CSES data, either in a comparative Political Science topic or in a methodological, data quality-related topic. The remaining work time is taken up as a member of the CSES Secretariat ( Applications are due May 23.

Internship and Fellowship Opportunities


Cleveland City Council Ward 3 Summer Internship
Ward 3 Cleveland City Councilperson Kerry McCormack is accepting applications for a summer intern. This position is a great opportunity to be a part of the comprehensive work of a Cleveland City Councilperson.

Previously posted opportunities can be found on the department webpage. Please make sure to check regularly as to not miss approaching deadlines!


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