2017-18 Senior Project SAGES Capstones


Balendran, Athavan. Spring 2018. The Politics of Internet Regulation and Internet Growth in the United States. Supervisor: Professor Posner.

Brown-Little, Giselle. Fall 2017. International Criminal Court and its Scope. Supervisor: Professor Posner.

Camia, Erin. Spring 2018. Narrative and Framing in the Gun Control Movement: After Parkland. Supervisor: Professor Beckwith.

Cheung, Tiffany. Fall 2017. Charter School Policies in New York and Ohio. Supervisor: Professor White.

Davidson, Carl. Spring 2018. Germany: A New Model for Nationalism. Supervisor: Professor Moore

Downing, Bryce. Spring 2018. An Analysis on the Difference in Norms and Public Opinion Surrounding Conventional and Cyber Conflict. Supervisor: Professor Lavelle

English, John. Spring 2018. Parliamentary and Presidential Systems: Comparison Through the Lens of Research. Supervisor: Professor Beckwith.

Gong, Lutian. Fall 2017. Political Marketing in British Election Campaign. Supervisor: Professor Posner.

Gratzl, Zita. Spring 2018. Weakening Democracies in the European Union: the Case of Hungary. Supervisor: Professor Lee.

Haloua, Athena. Spring 2018. The Euro: Agent of Cooperation or Discord. Supervisor: Professor Lavelle.

Hariharan, Siddharth. Spring 2018. The Role of Women in Political Movements in the Middle East: A Comparative Study. Supervisor: Professor Moore.

Holmberg, Kelsey. Fall 2017. “History Has Its Eyes on You”: A Critical Analysis of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton:An American Musical. Supervisor: Professor Tartakoff.

Jhangiani, Tasha. Spring 2018. Comparing the Internationalization of the Algerian War of Independence and the Algerian Civil War. Supervisor: Professor Moore.

Kabins, Liana. Spring 2018. The Violent Struggle for Peace: A Comparison of the PLO and the FARC. Supervisor: Professor Moore.

Maricocchi, Rita. Fall 2017. Hegemon or Integrating Force: Perceptions of German Leadership in the European Union. Supervisor: Professor Posner.

Morimoto, Julian. Spring 2018. The Travails of Transplantation: the United Kingdom’s Human Rights Act 1998. Supervisor: Professor Posner.

Peplow, Thomas: Spring 2018. A Shift to Late Rentierism in Saudi Arabia: The Implications of Mohammad bin Salman’s Vision and the Aramco Privatization. Supervisor: Professor Posner.

Pomerantz, Hannah. Spring 2018. Populism and Nationalism in the European Union: A Case Study. Supervisor: Professor Lavelle.

Quinones, Samantha. Spring 2018. Mothers Wanted: The Tie Between the Liberalization of the Mexican Economy and Machismo. Supervisor: Professor Parris.

Ridge, Miriam. Spring 2018. Modern Annexation and Machiavelli. Supervisor: Professor McMann.

Smith, Evan. Spring 2018. The Effect of Local Manufacturing on Voting in the 2016 Presidential Election. Supervisor: Professor Buchler.

Snyder, Natalie. Spring 2018. Liberal Feminism and Title IX Policy. Supervisor: Professor Beckwith.

Thompson, Andrew. Spring 2018. The Role of Female Politicians on Perceptions of Corruption: A Global, Empirical Test. Supervisor: Professor Lee.

White, Cameron. Spring 2018. Turning off the Tap: European Venture Capital and the Brexit Effect. Supervisor: Professor Posner.

Wu, Benjamin. Fall 2017. From Ping-Pong to Trade Wars: U.S.-China Foreign Policy and Presidential Partnership. Supervisor: Professor Lavelle.

Yepko, Paige. Spring 2018. The Second Intifada on  Broadway: A dissection of Rachel Corrie’s decision to volunteer for high risk activism and the repercussions of her death. Supervisor: Professor Moore.


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