September 24, 2018 Newsletter

Opportunities and Announcements for the Week of September 24, 2018


The US midterm elections will be held on Tuesday, November 6.  In general, midterm elections result in a loss of Congressional seats for the party of the president, andturnout in these “off year” elections is generally low.  In 2014, turnout in the midterms was particularly low, although turnout in Ohio in 2014 exceeded 40 percent of registered voters.

Elections are key to democratic governance and, although a country can have elections without being democratic, democracy is not possible in the absence of elections and citizen participation.  The American Political Science Association has a normative commitment to citizen engagement and voting, as part of its Civic Education and Engagement Project:

Education for civic engagement and responsive governance were founding objectives of the political science profession at the beginning of the 20th century and remain essential for the 21st century. Supporting and sustaining quality civic education has been an important theme throughout the history of the American Political Science Association. We encourage political scientists to share information with their students and communities to increase awareness of public issues and to inform deliberations by sharing disciplinary knowledge on engagement. Registering to vote is an important step toward an engaged and participatory citizenship. Therefore, APSA encourages ongoing campus voter registration efforts and student participation in the electoral and civic life of their local communities, state, and national government.

Who is eligible to vote in the midterm elections in Ohio?  The Ohio Secretary of State’s webpage provides this information:

You are qualified to register to vote in Ohio if you meet all the following requirements:

  1. You are a citizen of the United States;
  2. You will be at least 18 years old on or before the day of the next general election. (If you will be 18 on or before the general election, you may vote in the primary election to nominate candidates, but you cannot vote on issues or party central committees until you are 18);
  3. You will be a resident of Ohio for at least 30 days immediately before the election in which you want to vote;
  4. You are not incarcerated (in prison or jail) for a felony conviction under the laws of this state, another state, or the United States;
  5. You have not been declared incompetent for voting purposes by a probate court; and
  6. You have not been permanently disenfranchised for violating the election laws.

You are eligible to vote in elections held in your voting precinct 30 days after you are duly registered to vote in this state. You may request an absentee ballot during that 30 day period.

CWRU students who meet these requirements are eligible to register to vote in 2018.  As the Ohio SoS webpage states,

A college student may vote using his or her Ohio school residence address if the student does not intend to return to a different permanent address. When a college student registers to vote from his or her school address, the school residence is considered to be the place to which the student’s habitation is fixed and to which, whenever the student is absent, the student intends to return, and is considered by the student to be his or her permanent residence at the time of voting. Any other previous residence for voting purposes is no longer valid. It is illegal for a person to register and vote from two different addresses.

Note that the last day to register to vote is October 9.  Information about registering to vote can be found here.  Note that Ohio does not require photo ID to register or to vote.

Finally, Tuesday, September 25 is National Voter Registration Day.  First held in 2012, National Voter Registration Day is a national celebration of voting and citizen participation.  It might be a good day to register to vote, if you haven’t already done so.

With all best wishes,

Karen Beckwith
Flora Stone Mather Professor
Chair, Department of Political Science

General Announcements

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Freedom Festival!
September 23, 3-5:30pm, Cozad-Bates House, 11508 Mayfield Rd
Celebrating and claiming Cleveland’s anti-slavery past with music and stories about the Underground Railroad.

The Role of Women in Peace and Security
September 21, 12-1:30pm, The City Club of Cleveland, 850 Euclid Ave
Join us on the International Day of Peace for a conversation on the role of women in addressing extremism and militarism, while promoting peace, rights, and pluralism.

Friday Lunch: The Social Enterprise Zoo
September 21, 12:30-1:30pm, Kelvin Smith Library Dampeer Room
Join Dennis Young, a leading scholar of the “nonprofit sector,” to investigate how “social enterprises” behave and interact, how governments should deal with them, and more broadly, what is the future for organizations that seek to balance social and economic success?

DEFEND 4-Week Workshop
Starts September 25, Tues & Thurs, 9-10am, Next Level Fitness Studio
DEFEND is a self-defense workshop in which you will learn a variety of mixed martial arts movements designed to aid you in defense from an attacker. This is a progressive class. Attendance is important or you will miss out on new techniques. 4-Weeks is $160. Next Level members receive 10% off!

National Voter Registration Day
September 25, 11am- 3pm, Tinkham Veale University Center 165
The CWRU community is invited stop by the Center for Civic Engagement & Learning for a National Voter Registration Day celebration!

One Person, No Vote: How Voter Suppression is Destroying our Democracy
September 25, 11:45am-12:45pm, Roberta Steinbacker Atrium CSU College of Urban Affairs 1717 Euclid Ave
Join distinguished historian and civil rights thought leader Carol Anderson in a discussion on how voter suppression poses a direct threat to our democracy. Event is free, registration is required

Childhood Trauma at the U.S. Border
September 25, 2:30-4pm, Noble Commons, MSASS
This panel discussion will focus on the experiences of immigrant children and teens detained at the border. Event is free, RSVP to  

State Courts in a Federal System
September 25, 4:30-5:30pm, Moot Courtroom (A59)
The Honorable Joan L. Larsen, judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit discusses the role of state courts in a federal system. Admission is free.

Ethics Across Cultures: Diverse Voices, Shared Values
September 27, 3pm, Tinkham Veale University Center, Senior Classroom
Join Professor Shannon French for a discussion on ethics across cultures as part of the 2018 Power of Diversity Lecture Series. Lecture is free. 

The (Almost) Great Unraveling: Can the Quest for Solidarity Survive?
September 27, 4:30-5:30pm, Moot Courtroom (A59) 
Sara Rosenbaum J.D. will discuss the struggle to maintain the ACA and the essential principle of solidarity on which the law necessarily rests, as well as the limited options, for alternative pathways to a national policy of health care inclusiveness. Admission is free.

The DEA: Drug Seizure Efforts and Keeping the Community Safe
September 27, 7pm, Landmark Centre Building
Join Jim Goodwin and Marissa Darden as they bring you into the fold of the Drug Enforcement Agency. Learn how they conduct large drug seizures, the obstacles they face every day and how they continue to fight the war on drugs. Event is free, registration required.

Friday Lunch: “Panama” and “Paradise”
September 28, 12:30-1:30pm, Kelvin Smith Library Dampeer Room
Join Professor of Law Richard Gordon for a discussion of the impact of lessons learned from the Panama Papers on international tax evasion. Event is free.

Department of Homeland Security Active Shooter Presentation
September 28, 12:30-1:30pm, Mandel Center for Nonprofit Organizations, Room 115
Patrick Shaw from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Protective Security will give a presentation on active shooters and hostile events. This will help give you facts on signs to look for, what to do and statistics on active shooter incidents. Event is free, registration is required.

A View from the Death House
September 28, 12:45-2pm, Sears 333
Join Law Professor Michael Benza as he takes an inside look at capital punishment and executions. Lunch will be provided. RSVP to Terri Mester.


Internship and Fellowship Opportunities
Community Service & Internship Fair
September 21, 12:30-2:30pm, Thwing Ballroom
Find a variety of opportunities, including numerous organizations engaged in foreign-related work.

Rhodes and Fulbright Information Sessions
October 6, 11-11:50am, Thwing Center
As part of the Fall Leadership Conference, this workshop examines what it takes to win one of these post-graduate fellowships for study, research, or teaching overseas. Register online here

Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute
CHCI’s paid internships offer Latino undergraduate students experience what it’s like to work in a congressional office, while participating in weekly professional and leadership development and civic engagement through community service. Applications for Spring 2019 close October 15.

Cleveland Council on World Affairs Internships
Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.
Previously posted opportunities can be found on the department webpage. Please make sure to check regularly as to not miss approaching deadlines!
Volunteer Opportunities
Libertarian Party of Ohio

The LPO is seeking college students to serve as volunteers for various political campaigns throughout the state. Students will be placed into meaningful positions working directly with both candidates and campaign managers. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Joshua Butler, Youth Engagement Liaison for the Libertarian Party of Ohio.
Summer Opportunities
Department of State Student Internship Program
The U.S. Department of State Student Internship Program is an unpaid internship with the opportunity to work in U.S. embassies and consulates throughout the world, as well as in various bureaus located in Washington, D.C. and at Department offices around the United States. Applications for Summer 2019 are due September 28. 


Career Opportunities

JET Program
The JET Program offers post-graduate job opportunities in Japan. Numerous CWRU alumni have participated in this program. Applications accepted this fall.

Consulting Positions
Consulting firms often do international work.  If you would like to receive information about consulting job interviews from the university’s Office of Post-Graduate Planning, click here.

A Little Extra…

  • Juscelino F. Colares, the Schott-van den Eynden Professor of Business Law, professor of political science and associate director of the Frederick K. Cox International Law Center, posited why President Donald Trump was motivated to raise tariffs in this Washington Timesarticle.
  • Jonathan Entin, Professor Emeritus of Law and Adjunct Professor of Political Science, weighs in on the 2020 census citizenship question. Read his article in The Conversation.

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