World Affairs Professor Kathryn Lavelle Selected for University-Wide Thinkers Group

Professor Kathryn Lavelle

Professor Kathryn Lavelle

On January 24, 2019, Professor Kathryn Lavelle was selected to be part of Provost Ben Vincent III’s Thinkers group. According to an article by Nathan Lesch in The Observer, Announcement of Thinkers kickstarts strategic planning, Professor Lavelle was excited about the Thinkers program, as it “challenged [her] to have some ideas in order to join the group.” She hopes to address the “uneven allocation of resources to the university’s programs” in order to better help her students.

Lesch explains that “the Thinkers will look at the university’s impact from multiple perspectives to help draft a short, flexible document that identifies directions for CWRU to grow and guides campus decision-making.” They will work together as the centerpiece of the university’s new strategic plan and come up with ideas for how the university can grow.

Read more of Professor Lavelle’s interview here.


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