April 8, 2019 Newsletter

     Opportunities and Announcements

     for the Week of April 8, 2019


Congratulations!  Congratulations to Professors Pete Moore and Laura Tartakoff! They have been nominated for the 2019 J. Bruce Jackson MD Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Mentoring. I look forward to celebrating with them at the President’s House Reception for the nominees. As I wrote in last week’s Newsletter,

“One of the advantages of a major in political science at CWRU is that all students are advised by regular faculty. The Department of Political Science does not outsource advising. Every regular faculty member has undergraduate advisees, and we work successfully in coordination with the new navigators in Undergraduate Studies. The high quality of academic advising in our Department offers real advantages to our students. Although ultimately students are responsible for their choices in their courses and in their advancement in the curriculum toward graduation, our faculty provide clear and detailed advice about the variety of routes through the CWRU undergraduate curriculum and through the POSC major. Our faculty provide advice about the range of courses and the diversity of courses that construct a meaningful and powerful undergraduate educational experience, and we have knowledge about how to connect extra-curricular, and grants, scholarships, and internship, opportunities to student coursework and interests. We also advise about study abroad programs and opportunities, and we review courses for transfer (in terms of transferability and number of credits).”

Professors Moore and Tartakoff are exemplars of outstanding mentoring and advising. Again, many congratulations to Professors Moore and Tartakoff, for these well-deserved nominations!

Congratulations as well to Professor Elliot Posner! His book Voluntary Disruptions: International Soft Law, Finance, and Power (Oxford University Press, 2018), written with co-author Abraham Newman (Georgetown University), has been recognized with an Honorable Mention Award by the International Collaboration Section of the American Political Science Association, to be awarded at the annual meetings in Washington, DC, later this year. Professor Posner’s book was recently reviewed by Eric Jones in Survival: Global Politics and Strategy, 60 (5), 2018: 250-56.

Professor Justin Buchler’s book Incremental Polarization was also published by Oxford University Press in 2018, and was part of a paired book review published in Perspectives on Politics, the American Political Science Association’s scholarly journal (and the premier location for political science book reviews). Kevin Arceaneau and Ryan J. Vander Wielen wrote a highly positive review of Professor Buchler’s book, writing “Justin Buchler makes an important contribution … with his excellent book, Incremental Polarization, in which he argues that an understanding of why legislators adopt extreme policy positions yet win re-election requires an integrated model of electoral and legislative politics” (217). Congratulations to Professor Buchler!

Congratulations as well to POSC senior major Amanda Smith! Amanda has accepted an offer to work as a paralegal at Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison in New York City; she will begin her work there on June 10, following graduation. Congratulations, Amanda!

Senior Capstone Presentations.  Students completing their Senior Capstone Projects will present them to the Department on Wednesday, April 17, from 5:00 to 8:00pm. The faculty, presenting students, and interested POSC majors and minors convene in the Tinkham Veale University Center to hear our students present their work in progress; the assembled faculty and students ask questions, provide helpful feedback, and engage in discussion about the capstone work. Presenting students often invite their friends and family members to join us, and they are welcome to do so. The Senior Capstone Presentations are the signature event of our Department, and we look forward to this semester’s presentations. As always, students, faculty, and audience members are welcome to join us for a buffet dinner during this event.

With all best wishes,

Karen Beckwith
Flora Stone Mather Professor and Chair
Department of Political Science

General Announcements

  • There will be a memorial service for first-year student Justine Boyle today, April 5th, at 12:45pm in the Amasa Stone Chapel.
  • Get free or discounted film tickets for the Cleveland International Film Festival, March 27-April 7.
    • Use the discount code “NOCMES” for any film ticket purchases.
    • Students can get free tickets for select screenings.


Friday Lunch: Budget Blues: Yes, It Can (and Will) Get Worse
April 5, 12:30-1:30pm, KSL LL06A/B/C Lower Level
Join Professor Joe White for a discussion on federal budgeting and which risks are real, which are exaggerated, and what might happen.

April 6, 1:00-4:00pm, Freiberger Field
Members of the CWRU community are invited to celebrate Holi, the festival of colors. The event will feature Indian street food, colored powder, games, music, and more. Free 

A Conversation with James Robenal, Ballots & Bullets: Black Power Politics and Urban Guerilla Warfare in 1968
April 7, 1:30pm, Museum of Contemporary Art
Join author James Robenalt and learn how these events provide the basis for his 2018 book, Ballots & Bullets: Black Power Politics and Urban Guerilla Warfare in 1968, which examines the revolutionary calls for addressing racism through guerrilla warfare in America’s streets. Free and open to the public.

Artificial Intelligence, Due Process, and Human Responsibility
April 8, 4:20-5:30pm, CWRU Law School Moot Court Room
Frank Pasquale, Law Professor at University of Maryland and author of Black Box Society: The Secret Algorithms that Control Moeny and Information, will speak about the complications of artificial intelligence with due process and human responsibility. Free and open to the public.

ConstitionALE: The First Amendment, Equality, and Religious Freedom
April 8, 5:30-6:30pm, Great Lakes Brewing Company
Local legal and philosophy experts will discuss what the First Amendment actually says and whether the two core values of religious freedom and equity can legally and practically coexist. Nonmember tickets are $20.

Think Forum: Refugee Stories and American Greatness
April 11, 6:00pm, Maltz Performing Arts Center
Viet Thanh Nguyen, a literary scholar, writer, and professor at the University of Southern California, explores how depictions of the Vietnam War, and of the refugees it displaced, often fail to capture the full humanity and inhumanity, the sacrifices and savagery, of participants on opposing sides of the conflict. Admission is Free.

Eastside Conversations: The Politics of the Catholic Abuse Crisis
April 12, 12-1:30pm, Landmark Centre Building
We’ve known about the clergy sexual abuse crisis for decades. So why hasn’t the church cleaned up its act? What changes do Catholics want to see the Pope make? In his presentation, Dr. Clites explains why the politics of the crisis are so daunting—from celibacy, to state laws, to the battle to control the Vatican. Nonmember cost is $26.

Senate Bill 3: The Next Step in Criminal Justice Reform?
April 12, 12-1:30pm, The City Club of Cleveland
After the failure of Ohio voters last November to pass Issue 1, a constitutional amendment with changes to criminal penalties for certain drug offenders, a conversation on criminal justice reform in Ohio was sparked. In March, Ohio Senate Bill 3 was introduced, providing a comprehensive plan for drug sentencing reform. This forum will discuss the evolution of the bill and how it may pave the way for future criminal justice reform. Nonmember tickets are $37.

Friday Lunch: The Polar Silk Road?
April 12, 12:30-1:30pm, KSL Dampeer Room
CWRU’s Professor Kathryn Lavelle is part of a research team that’s exploring the opening of new shipping routes from the melting of the Arctic ice, which is prompting world powers to jostle for access and control. Professor Lavelle is focusing her contribution on Chinese trade patterns and how specific industries might benefit from a widening Northeast Passage. Join her as she considers the issues, implications, and uncertainties about this latest effect of climate change.

Check out our Political Science Events page for additional events happening on and around campus!

Internship Opportunities

The Borgen Project
The Borgen Project, a non-profit organization aiming to end global poverty, offers telecommute internships in journalism, political affairs, and human resources. 

Previously posted opportunities can be found on the department webpage. Please make sure to check regularly as to not miss approaching deadlines!

Funding Opportunities
Baker Nord Center Internship Funding
Students must attend one of the Spring 2019 Humanities Meet-Ups in order to be eligible to apply. Applications are due April 15, 2019.

Previously posted funding opportunities can be found here.

Post-Graduate Opportunities
MA-Security Studies
The University of Akron Political Science Department offers an MA in Security Studies for students interested in pursuing national security occupations. Admissions are rolling.

Employment Opportunities
Public Policy and External Affairs Associate
The Center for Community Solutions is seeking a Public Policy and External Affairs Associate in their Columbus, OH office. Application deadline is April 12, 2019.


Please note that the Department of Political Science alerts our students to a range of opportunities, including internships, fellowships, and jobs.  We do not endorse or sponsor these, and leave it to the judgment of our students what is most useful and appropriate to them.

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