2020-2021 Senior Projects

(Supervising Instructor in Parentheses)

Fall 2020: November 18

Andrew Ford Failing the Grade: Examining Why Ohio’s School Funding System Remains Unconstitutional (G Parris)

Thomas Kan  The Demographic Crisis (focus on Japanese policies) (E Posner)

Nicholas Lowe  “Uncommonly Angry Minds”: QAnon and the History of Moral Panic in America (G Parris)

Madeline Myers  Never Underestimate the Power of a Woman With a Good Cup of Coffee – the Gender Politics of Fair Trade Coffee (M Hodgetts)

Vanessa Pilatova       Comparative Populist Politics: How Czech’s Populist Party Succeeds Over Sweden’s (M Hodgetts)

Timothy Sprunt         U.S. Foreign Policy in the Persian Gulf: A Politics of Fear (P Moore)

Leo Thurman Victor Orban’s Project: Building a Nation and Strengthening a State Through Populism (L Tartakoff)

Summer Xia  Governmental Coercion in a Global Pandemic: A Balancing Act Allows One Political Goal (China, U.S., Sweden) (E Posner)

Spring 2021: April 28

Michael Amadio        COVID-19 and the Nature of States (M Hodgetts)

Juliana Behme           Comparing the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to the European Union’s European Medicines Agency (J White)

Robert Bruno Regionalism: An Opportunity for Cuyahoga Count to Experience Economic Growth (E Posner)

Nicholas Corwin        The Politics of Insulin Prices in the United States (J White)

Andrew Frye           Differing Treatment under the State:  A Comparative Study of Police and Teachers Unions (K Beckwith)

John Garcia               Europe’s Migration Crisis: The Struggle to Pursue European Security and Uphold European Values (E Posner)

Ricky Gilmore-Vega How American Courts Have Advanced Education Rights for Undocumented Latinx Immigrants Since 1946 (L Tartakoff)

Mamadi Jallow         The Pathways to Decolonization in Africa: A Comparative Analysis (E Posner)

Nandita Kannapadi  The Rise of Anti-Feminism and Backsliding on Gender Equality in Post-Communist Democracies: A Comparative Analysis of Poland and Hungary (K Beckwith)

Aliah Lawson             COVID-19 and the U.S. Prison System (M Benza)

Nathan Lesch The Death of Local Journalism: Impacts on Political Attitudes and Participation (G Parris)

Anaiya Manuel          Examining Structural Violence as a Result of Racial Trauma at PWIs (G Parris)

Chloe Mieras             Under-Represented and Over-Legislated: Politicization of Prison Policy (G Parris)

Timothy Orlando      Big Tech and Transportation (M Hodgetts)

Meghan Parker         Morals, the Media, and Trump: How Conspiracy Theories Have Spread and Survived in America (G Parris)

Hanna Paris               Investigating the Water Crisis in Sub-Saharan Africa (M Hodgetts)

Jordan Reif                Health Care Policies in an Age of Immigration (J White)

Emma Risley             Brexit Spoils the Peace: How the Brexit Era Threatens the Economy and Identity of Northern Ireland (E Posner)

Katharine Toledo      Constitutional Discrimination: The Free Exercise Clause and the Rights of the LGBTQ+ Community, 2015-2021 (K Beckwith)

Dalia Zullig                A Comparison of the Suffrage Movements in Canada and the U.S.: How Did Federalism Affect the Two Movements’ Strategies? (K Beckwith)