Major Spotlight: Xavier Uresti

This summer, political science major Xavier Uresti is attending Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan. He is studying in Shinjuku City and is enrolled in courses focusing on contemporary politics and the contemporary culture of Japan. Xavier is going to be a third-year student this fall.

Importance to Major and Career:

  • The Experience has given me a chance to dive into parliamentary politics and gain a strong knowledge of how they work. It has also given me a fantastic case study in Japan to learn how modern Democracies can be created that are long-lasting. The other important factor has been being able to study not just politics but how culture and society affect the political systems of our world, especially in a culture like Japan that is so different than the United States. On top of all this, being able to look at world events through a different lens has broadened my ability to look at international political problems in a new and non-American light.

Best part of the experience so far:

  • Throughout my time in Japan, I have always felt as though the people here are amazing. No matter where I was or what I was doing the people around me gave me a certain amount of respect. The people treated me with respect even though I might be ignorant of their culture and not able to speak their language. The Japanese people did their best to help me manage the language barrier and teach me about their culture. Though the country is beautiful and the food delicious what makes Japan such an amazing place is the people.

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