Professor Kathryn Lavelle Participates in Panel Discussion on the Geostrategic Importance of the Arctic

Professor Kathryn Lavelle joined the Hudson Institute to participate in a panel discussion where she spoke about regimes and regime complexity in regards to the geostrategic importance of the Arctic.

Below is a description of the panel discussion from the Hudson Institute:

The melting of Arctic ice accelerated by global warming is not only opening opportunities for new transport routes and scientific exploration, but also raising new strategic concerns. Russia remains a major Arctic actor, seeking to exploit the Northern Sea Route which will cut maritime transportation costs between Asia and Europe. Meanwhile, China is investing in strategic assets in the region, including natural gas, minerals, railways and telecommunications. The Arctic Strategy laid out by the Department of Defense promises to sustain the U.S. military’s competitive advantage to counter the growing influence of rivals in the Arctic, causing Greenland and other countries to grapple with growing great power competition in the region. The panel examined how the emergence of this geopolitical and geoeconomic rivalry influences regional agendas and political priorities in the Arctic.

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